Paul Hartman wrote:
On Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 11:28 AM, Lee <> wrote:
Paul Hartman wrote:

If you are asking how to expand a thread, with mouse you can click the
little arrow to the left of the subject. With keyboard you can press
the right-arrow key when the message is selected.
To expand ALL threads, press * (and to collapse them press \)
Thanks Paul

Works for me but I thought there was a setting in prior versions that
automatically when checked expanded the threads in all ng and mail.
Guess my memory is failing. (grin)

On mine, threads are automatically expanded when they contain a new message.

Not for me, on my Win98SE, when I look at a group, I get the thread that is most recently posted to as expanded. To expand them all, I hit *.

Also, if press * to expand them all at once, it appears to remember
this setting. I just tried it, closed Seamonkey, re-opened and all of
the threads remained expanded.

Not for me, on Win98SE, each time I come here, I have to hit the * to get them all expanded. Note, this is usually after closing SM and turning the computer off!

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