On Sat, 26 Sep 2009 18:22:20 -0700, Craig wrote:
> Howdy;
> Can someone outline how & whether this is doable?  I'd like for us to 
> move our boxen back to SM but haven't found anywhere that treats what 
> the steps might be... potential pitfalls... etc.
> Any guidance appreciated.
> We have a few linux boxen loaded with:
> - Ubuntu 8.04 or 9.04
> - TBird 3 Beta(2 or 4) with Lightning 1.0pre nightlies
> - Firefox 3.014

There are still some minor glitches with Lightning in SeaMonkey 2.0b2.
Both on the SeaMonkey side and on the Lightning side of things. I
suggest that you hold off until these issues are resolved.


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