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Thanks,  keith whaley

    ****original message******

A while back, I started a small discussion here about an oddity I was experiencing with my Finder's desktop.

To begin with, I use the Snow Leopard OS, v. 10.6.1.
My mail/news client is Mozilla SeaMonkey 1.1.18.

My problem is, _sometimes_ when I have some window on top, mostly filling the screen, and I try to move it aside a little, by click-and-drag on the window's uppermost bar, to see what's underneath, and release the mouse cursor after moving the top window aside, that window snaps back to where it was originally.

In other words, I cannot move the window and expect it to STAY where I put it!

Yes, I know I can press my mouse's scroll ball, to reveal what windows I have open, but in this instance, I wanted to view the window full size. Pressing the mouse button reduces the size of all windows, to be able to display all of them. I didn't want that.

To briefly recap, the last time this happened someone on this list suggested I go to the SM menu bar item Window/Zoom. That does indeed jostle the top window, and when I first tried that technique, it freed the window's rubbery attachment to the screen, and I thought I had that problem solved for all time.


That just happened again, so I tried Zoom. It jostled the window, but the 'rubber band' effect keeps pulling that window to it's original position on the screen. So, that's not a solution to the problem...

I can't tell you WHAT window I had up, nor what led up to my wanting to take a look at the other windows, but I sure would like to know what's going on! BTW, I was in the mail/newsgroups side of SeaMonkey when this happened, not in Navigator.

This snapping back to a previous position is a big annoyance to me, and I'd like to know how to get out of it when it happens.

Thanks,  keith whaley
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