P.N. schrieb:
> Hello!
> I've got two problems with 2.0b2 (WinXP)
> 1. Cannot add bookmarks, at least not drag and drop

Drag'N'drop where to?

> 2. There seems to be a new feature for compressing downloaded headers of
> newsgroups. If I don't want to use this feature, can I deactivate it?

Um, could you please be a bit more specific?

> Another question: I've installed 2.0b2 besides 1.1.x, but when I want
> to use 2.0b2, I've to first deactivate the 1.1.x quick launcher, every
> time after restart. I cannot find, where to deactivate it "forever".

You can call SM2 with  -no-remote  in the shortcut as parameter. Both
Samonkeys can run at the same time then.

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