Barbara Norvell schrieb:
> I have had this problem on several sites, but didn't save the names.
> Today I was online at  I am getting a message  "A script on
> this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding.  You can stop
> the script nor, or you can continue and see if the script will complete.
> This is the one for today.
> Sometimes I can click on continue and it will work and other times I
> have to click on stop script.  It has happened on other sites also, but
> don't remember which one.
> Barb
> IBook G4 10.4OS

Just hit Stop, it's the safest way to not end up with a non-responding
browser because of a poorly designed javascript.
The javascript performance of SM1 is quite bad, in October SM2 shall be
out, those messages are pretty much gone with it (feel free to test with
the Beta-Version if you like)

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