DoctorBill wrote:
DoctorBill wrote:
I am on several people's Joke Lists and get some really good stuff
that I would like to pass on - so I use "Edit Message as New"

I strip out all the forwarded addresses everyone leaves in them
(nice source of E-Mail addresses for spammers).

Many of these things are some kind of framed large letters with
cartoons things which I don't know how to "Edit".

They seem to have been copied over and over or else messed with
such that they have multiple "Frames" around them.

I can delete some frames with the SM E-Mail editor, but some of this
stuff seems graphically linked together and won't allow much manipulation.

Use this (Alkaspace) hosting link to see what I mean.

What the Heck program was used to set these kinds of things up ?
Is this from Outlook Express ?

If so, how could I transfer one of these to that program to modify
or clean it up ? and then put it back into SM's mail to send out?

Not a big deal...would like to know.


How can Outlook Express be used as an editor w/o using it to retrieve one's mail ?


DocBill, I used to edit jokes sent to me, to edit out the other email address, just as you are trying to do.

I think I used to save the email (File|Save as|File), then open the file in MS WORD or whatever, edit out all the garbage, then cut the good stuff and paste it into a new mail.


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