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I have enjoyed Seamonkey since Netscape went off the rails a few years

The same "ad block plus" I use for Firefox worked for Seamonkey, blocking
in-page ads until (IIRC) Seamonkey 1.1.15.

I have little doubt this has been broached here before, but is there an
"as good" in-page ad blocker for Seamonkey 1.1.17 and above?


I'm using version 1.0.1 with SeaMonkey 1.1.17 on both Linux and Windows/XP:


I'm not sure if a newer version will also work with 1.1.X, but I
see there are a couple newer ones there that say they should.

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ABP v1.0.2 was the last version to work in SeaMonkey v1.x (v1.1.18 is the latest). Also, use Fanboy and/or AdBlockrules.org lists since others require newer ABP versions. :(
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