Buzzer schrieb:
> По данным радиоперехвата от  3-Oct-2009 10:56, Martin Freitag
> был замечен в эфире, на частоте support-seamonkey, с таким сообщением:
>>>>> seamonkey-1.1.14 on OpenBSD 4.5 always open extremely large sized
>>>>> preferences window, which one does not correspondent to my
>>>>> 1440x900 display resolution. I'm tired to resize this window
>>>>> every time.
>>>>> Advices are welcome!
>>>> I wonder if your localstore.rdf file includes width and height
>>>> settings for the prefDialog? In mine, it includes screenX and
>>>> screenY settings only.
>>> screenX="-115"
>>> screenY="-165" />
>>> Nothing more.
>> Delete or rename localstore.rdf while SM is closed and then start SM
>> again. btw: SM1.1.18 is the current one with all security fixes ;-)
>> regards
> Done. Preferences window have the same extremely large size anyway.

Hum, any other OS/computer around to check if this is OpenBSD-only?

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