Terje J. Hanssen schrieb:
> Martin Freitag wrote:
>> I never needed to manually import bank certificates... they should be
>> known by the default authorities SM knows usually.
>> But what do you mean with "haven't suceeded"? What exactly did you try?
>> Importing them in the preferences? (Security&... =>  Manage Certificates
>> =>  Import?)
>> regards
>> Martin
> I've used bank certificate with SM 1.1.x, and I think it was valid also
> with SM 1.1.18 before upgrade to SM 2.0b. Now, when I enter the url to
> my netbank and try to login, it starts out to download a new bank
> certifate. Get the normal message about generating a privat key and at
> last "Your personal certificate has been installed. Restart you browser".
> So far so good. The problem is that on the follow up re-login to the
> bank, it starts to download a new certificate yet another time, just as
> if there isn't any valid certificate available. And so on. This was what
> I meant with "haven't succeeded".
> I know I experienced a similar or identical problem with a previous SM
> version, maybe around 1.x a couple of years ago. The problem wasn't
> fixed before the next version.
Uh sry, it seems I got that wrong, I do not need to generate private
Feel free to file a bug with steps to reproduce in bugzilla (can you
reproduce that yourself on another computer?), although I think that one
might be hard for others to reproduce without having such a bank or

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