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I am on several people's Joke Lists and get some really good stuff
that I would like to pass on - so I use "Edit Message as New"

I strip out all the forwarded addresses everyone leaves in them
(nice source of E-Mail addresses for spammers).

Many of these things are some kind of framed large letters with
cartoons things which I don't know how to "Edit".

They seem to have been copied over and over or else messed with
such that they have multiple "Frames" around them.

I can delete some frames with the SM E-Mail editor, but some of this stuff seems graphically linked together and won't allow much manipulation.

Use this (Alkaspace) hosting link to see what I mean.

What the Heck program was used to set these kinds of things up ?
Is this from Outlook Express ?

If so, how could I transfer one of these to that program to modify
or clean it up ? and then put it back into SM's mail to send out?

Not a big deal...would like to know.


If you notice these emails are in MIME. If anyone knows how to edit it I'd like to know. If you look at it with a text editor you'll see strange lines and the text in text format and then the text in HTML and then if there is/are a picture/s you'll see a large amount of letters and numbers that make up the picture/s.

For some reason if I email it to my wife who uses Outlook (not OE) she can remove the headers and footers and then send it back to me in clean form.


Don't Understand....Outlook and Outlook Express...what is the difference?

They're two different pieces of software -- in typical MS fashion, they share a name (but little else)

I thought MS Outlook was the original version and MS Outlook Express was the later, souped up, version!!

Outlook Express is NOT a souped-up version of Outlook -- OE is a freebee email / newsgroup program, comparable in scope (but not quality) to the mail/newsgroup component of Seamonkey.

So WHAT is Outlook - what is it for ?

I have it and I can't tell wtf it does...!?

Looks to be a catch-all type thing (?)

I can't paste these E-Mails into it.

For the informations about Outlook a reply have given interesting links:

About copy/paste of emails between SM and Outlook, i think that you cannot do it for the mail.... but what you can do (i have explained that before) you do "Forward" in SM and "New mail" in Outlook, then you can "Select all" in SM - copy it - then paste into the opened Outlook-New-mail.
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