John wrote:
I'm new to Facebook, so I haven't figured out all its features yet. I'm having a big problem trying to post on my own wall. I click in the window, but then when I type there the text doesn't show up and it seems that if I type a letter that is present nearby on the page that letter becomes selected and sometimes the page scrolls down.

When I use IE 8, it works fine.

Is there something truly incompatible between SeaMonkey and Facebook? I can use IE8 if I have to, but would much prefer not to do that.

BTW, I have the PrefBar add-on and I've tried selecting Firefox 3 in the browser spoof window, but that doesn't help.



Yes -- Facebook broke under Seamonkey 1.1X within the last couple of
weeks.  If you go into the URL "about:config" and add a new string
property called "general.useragent.extra.seamonkey2" with the value
of "Firefox/2.0" things will mostly work again.  At least until
Facebook breaks something else.

I've been told that the Seamonkey 2 betas work OK with Facebook.  If
I can get it built on Solaris I'll see if that's true :-).
Jeff Wieland
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