On 10/07/09 06:56, Sandy Pamin wrote:
> moznews.....@calen.de wrote:
>> Sandy Pamin schrieb:
>>> I'm getting an Unresponsive Script message every time I try to access
>>> Cookie Manager, Image Manager, and Popup Manager. What is causing this?
>> Try again with a new profile without any extensions.
>> Hb
> Yes, that worked. Can you explain to me what the problem was?

This means there was a problem with your profile. It could be
a corrupted file or the fault of one or more installed extensions.

Figuring out how to fit it is another issue altogether. Usually,
the best way is to migrate to the new profile, then delete the
original and go from there - but others may have better advice
for you.

The Mozillazine web site has articles on how to migrate profile
information from one profile to another, so you can follow that
if you decide to take that route.


I'm not sure that's the best article, so someone may be able to
post a better link...

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