John smith wrote:
Normal browser window - at the bottom - has a single line. On left are small icons for navigator, mail&newsgroup, composer, etc. On right is online/offline icon and window resize triangle.

My compose and news/mail windows are just that way.
My Navigator window, however, has a block about 4 times thicker with a small red chevron (up-arrow) near the bottom.

How do I get it back to normal? I've closed out the browser and restarted, even re-installed Seamonkey.

Win7 rc
Seamonkey 1.18

John, this enlarged bottom section of the browser screen indicates that one of the extension you have previously installed is not suitable for your SM 1.1.18.

To test this, create yourself a test profile (Tool|Switch Profile|Manage Profiles) and check that your Browser screen is normal, then install each extension, one by one, checking each time to see if the screen has fouled up yet.

As I typed this last para, I remembered that it is possible to install extensions into a folder associated with the program or the profile! My answer will only fix things if you have installed your extension into the Profile.

The other way to fix things, for both profile and program folder installations, is to install to programs, the extensionuninstaller and the extensionuninstallerAPI (I think), which then allow you to activate and de-activate extensions in your primary profile.

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