Re: Convert emails to plain text

Thank you, Stanimir...
Extensions once more to the rescue.
My comments were more pertaining to the depth of the "do it manually" 
instructions that I read...but a good extension like "ImportExportTools 
(MboxImport enhanced)" sounds like just the answer needed.


> With instructions that "simple" it would take users, neophyte to 
> computing or to SM, hours to master.
> Why not have an SM 2.x option to Export some, one mail box, 
> selected or all messages to standard text files, knowing that 
> those files with HTML (graphics and/or RTF level content) or 
> attachments would of course have to be handeled.

That's stupid.  Why I haven't thought of the "ImportExportTools 
(MboxImport enhanced)" extension (I'm using myself), earlier:

It provides context menu options like:

"Export all messages in a folder as Plain text format (one file)"

and more.

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