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Bob Fleischer wrote:
I'm an only occasional Mac user, and I installed SeaMonkey 1.1 on
Mac OS 10.3.9 recently. Sometimes there's a small green circle
with a number in it over the SeaMonkey icon in the dock. What does
this mean?

Bob Fleischer
Groton, MA
"You've got mail!" :)

the number should correlate to how many new/unread messages you have.
Can you explain the logic of having 3 new/unread messages in my inbox
and one in the green circle? (not the same senders). I can have 5 new
messages and only one or two in the green circle.

For an unknown reason (to me), it seems to stop counting...


It is possible that it's only counting new messages received in the
most recent 'Get New Messages'? I know for Seamonkey on Windows and
Unix, that the look of each unread message changes the next time I
do a Get New Messages, so I think the application can tell the

The count is intended to be new messages and (as is proper) is to
be cleared once you have done something that indicates you've seen
the notification (so it is ready to indicate the arrival of more new
mail.) Thus, new mail notification is by design ephemeral.
(Sometimes too much so.)

On Mac OS 10.4, with SeaMonkey 2.0 RC1 (and previous beta), the number in the circle in the dock appears to be the total number of unread messages rather than, as with SM 1.1, the number of "new" messages. In my case, my inbox has thousands of unread (and probably never will be read) messages, so now the number in the icon is huge and useless.

Was the definition of this number in the icon on the dock changed for version 2?

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