On 10/15/2009 1:27 PM, Frosted Flake wrote:
> Animated .gif files do not animate on either Seamonkey 1.1.8 or Firefox 
> 3.0.14
> The do animate on Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 
> 8.06001.1870.2, Opera 10.00.1750, and Safari 4.0.3 [531.9.1]
> Any idea why?

I have always advocated using a user interface (when available) instead
of tweaking preference variables.  This ensures that any necessary
housekeeping (e.g., for related variables) will occur.

On the SeaMonkey menu bar, go to [Edit > Preferences].  On the
Preferences window, select [Privacy & Security > Images].  On the Images
pane, select the radio button under "Animated images should loop" for
the effect you want.

I don't use Firefox (yet), so I can't tell you how to set this for that

David E. Ross

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