WIFT schrieb:
> I understand that SM is "suite". I already reconciled with grinding my
> teeth that there would be no way _not_ to install the internal e-mail
> client (and don't say something about disk space, because it is not
> about disk space, it is like the inability to remove radio from my car
> and when I want to use another, I just install it and cover the first
> one with towel), but the inability _not to use_ the internal mail client
> drives me crazy and makes me more like leaving SM at all. Still no
> success with "network.protocol-handler.expose.mailto", even when I set
> another mail client as default, mailto links in SM (2 RC2) still
> launches mail wizard from SM. Sad.

If you performed all necessary steps and it doesn't work you should
think about filing a bug.

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