Daniel wrote:
Jens Hatlak wrote:
David Wilkinson wrote:
If I want to migrate an SM1 profile to SM2 on a new Windows 7 machine,
do I have to have SM1 installed, or can I just copy the SM1 profile to
my new machine and import it to SM2?

SM1 itself is not needed, but probably its profile database, a file
called registry.dat (cf.
<http://kb.mozillazine.org/Profile_folder_-_SeaMonkey>). Only if you
don't have that and migration fails you'll have to install SM1 to
create it (it's a binary file).

Jens, shouldn't David be able to just create a new profile name in SM
2.0's Profile Manager and point it to the SM 1 profile's location having
copied it to the new machine?

Maybe, I didn't try. The idea behind profile migration is not only to convert files from old formats into their new counterparts but also to jettison the old cruft (extensions, preferences etc.). Converting files might also be done whenever SeaMonkey starts (I haven't checked but wouldn't be surprised if it did since it also recreates files as needed). Migrating preferences, removing extensions and deleting obsolete files, however, is only done when migrating.

I can only recommend to go through the migration step since otherwise you will probably run into trouble at some point in time. For example SM1 extensions usually install into the chrome/ folder below your profile folder. SM2 extensions on the other hand install into the extensions/ folder. I doubt SM2 can track extensions in the former folder (again I haven't tried).



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