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FireFox 3 remembers the zoom setting for each site, so that when you go there again it still looks the way you want. But SM2 does not have this feature.

Why not? Is there (or will there be) an extension to do this?

AFAIK it is Firefox specific and SeaMonkey does not inherit it. Here's the Bugzilla entry to track the implementation into SeaMonkey:

I've not personally used it, but this extension should help:

Thanks. Actually, I think what is really needed is an option for inheriting zoom settings:

Inherit zoom setting for new pages
-- For all sites
-- For the same domain (current FF3)
-- Never (current SM2)

In more detail, the problem I am having on my HTPC is the following: In order to make the OS usable in general, I have set the DPI to 150. Normally SM2/FF3 seem to ignore the DPI setting (on the grounds that images do not scale well by non-integer factors), but if it is 144 or more (144 is 1.5 times the standard Windows 96 DPI) they double the size of both the browser toolbar and the web page. Many web pages have a specified width of 1024 pixels, so doubling it gives 2048 pixels, which is bigger than the 1920 pixel width of my HDTV screen. So I get a horizontal scrollbar (yuk). Frankly, I think it is a bug to zoom the page to the point where it is wider than the screen; nobody will be happy with a horizontal scrollbar. Rather I think it should zoom to the maximum that will fit on the screen, even if this is not optimal for good image display.

What I am currently doing is let SM2/FF3 double the size and then zoom out by a factor of 90%, which gives an effective zoom factor of 1.8. Applying this to a page width of 1024 pixels gives 1843 pixels which fits on my screen. But this is a PITA in SM2, because it does not remember the zoom setting. If this is not fixed I will just have to use FF3 or IE8 on my HTPC. Latest Opera also does a decent job. In fact SM2 is the only latest generation browser that does not work for me on my HTPC, which is a shame because it is my browser of choice.

David Wilkinson
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