Tomas Thrainsson wrote:
On Oct 27, 9:35 pm, Tomas Thrainsson<>  wrote:
I'm sorry to say, but there's a problem with the latest release.

I upgraded it from 1.1.18 and after the upgrade I had a strange
Every time I try to run Seamonkey, it shuts down all by itself without
ever opening a window. I tried downloading it again without any
change. I had the same problem with the alpha releases, so I always
reverted back to trusty old 1.1x series that have remained rock solid.
I hope this gets addressed, because I really like this client, at
least up to now.

Tomas Thrainsson

I forgot to mention that I'm running this on Windows XP SP3

This should really be posted on Its been years since there was a Mozilla suite, no one will see it here.

I'm crossposting this to, and setting a followup to that group.

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