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Leonidas Jones wrote:
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David E. Ross wrote:
On 10/26/2009 4:45 AM, David Wilkinson wrote:

RSS doesn't exist in Mac version of SM 1.1.8 never has. you could add an
extension but didn't like it. Even in FF I don't use it.

Actually, Forumzilla worked very well on 1.1.x. Generally the RSS
reader native to SM 2.0 Mail/News is better, but Forumzilla didn't
freeze 1.1.x quite the way RSS does in 2.0.

Again though, I suspect that my system of placing data on an external
drive may have something to do with that.


I tried another other than the one you suggest. never saw anything
interest, and caused more problems in fact I had to remove all the
chrome items the re-download then install what I had.
Can you disable the RSS in SM2??

No need to disable it, just don't use it.

People here are complaining that the RSS is the reason from Freezing problems while it updates.

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