Tom Pamin wrote:
Leonidas Jones wrote:
Tom Pamin wrote:
Leonidas Jones wrote:
Sandy Pamin wrote:
Can anyone get the new version of Form Manager to work? I can't see
to use it, and so far it doesn't do anything. Very disappointing. I
have to stay with 1.18 now.....

Form data is filled in with no problem at all from here.

Have you checked in Edit>>Preferences>>Browser>>History, to make sure
that form completion is enabled?


Can you give me a link to a form for an example, so I can try it? I do
have it enabled in Preferences.

I can't see that this would do any good, since it is my form information.

Amazon and eBay are both working from here, as two examples.


Must be my old age showing - I can't get it to do anything. Can you give
me a step by step with an example of how this works?

Not really. As an example, I go to the Amazon "Where's my Stuff" page, to check on the status of an order:

My email address and password, which I have entered on a previous visit, are already entered. I just click on the sign in button, and it works.

I've been running SM 2.0 full time since Alpha 3, so I can't really speak to how form information migrates from 1.1.x.

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