Miles wrote:
Originally used Netscape, then SM, then with FX & TB for the past couple
of years. Thinking of returning to SM so updated to 2.0.

However, on installation had a choice of importing Netscape, TB or IE
and chose TB -- haven't yet checked if all mail, newsgroups & RSS feeds
are there, but for the moment will assume all is well.

Didn't find a choice to import from Firefox 3.5.4 -- mainly bookmarks
and passwords are needed. Was not allowed to select more than 1 of the
above items to import, then when installation was completed, searched
and didn't find a method to import from within SM. Tried again to
install, but wasn't offered the choices as first seen, so halted the

How is data imported from Firefox 3.5.4?


So far as I understand it, SeaMonkey 2.0 will import one profile on the first run. Since the most profile intensive are Mail/News, TB or earlier SM or Netscape/Mozilla profiles are primary. IE would be there for new users from Windows.

I don't know why there is no FF import, but, since the backend is the same, copying files manually should not be a problem.

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