RE: SM 2 modal windows and that password manager... wrote:
> Well, except for the totally ill-conceived trashing of the modal windows.
> If I have multiple accounts for a single site (say, American Express, 
> which I do, and many many other sites), and the reason I stored that 
> account info in SeaMonkey in the first place was because I can't and 
> don't want to have to recall the arcane login info, then, no, the new 
> paradigm doesn't work. << snipped for brevity >>
For Pete's sake, just return or do SM 2's modal windows and SM's password 
manager to how it's done in Firefox 3.5x.
Frankly, NONE of the browsers methods seem "perfect" -- as we all have somewhat 
interesting and special needs in that area -- but so far, this observer feels, 
and I am hopeful others do, that Firefix 3.5x got it nearer to "better or 
right" than SM2 ever will, judging from how SM 2.0 has it done...or not done.
Right now, SM 2 is a modal window password mangler...not a manager. 
As good overall that SM 2 has turned out, does it really deserve a mangler ?
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