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If you use the Password Manager, you need to set up a Master Password.
All of the information from my 1.1.18 Mozilla folder transferred
correctly, including my Master Password. It's just that SM seems to be
asking for it at random - this was also a problem for me with SM 1.1.18.

Well,I use the Password Manager quite frequently, and I have never set
up a Master Password. Password Manager works just fine without it.

...interesting...I've never used Password Manager without a Master Password. Without a Master, I'd think anyone that opened your browser could launch the Password Manager and read all of your passwords. Not a very secure way to operate, IMO...

I submit that not all users NEED a Master Password for ordinary password protection. My computer is not accessible to anyone but my wife and I, and
it's as safe as the lock on my front door!

SM 1.1.18 has been great all this time, but my brand new 2.0 is a PITA.
It didn't transfer all my messages over in the mail client. All messages stop in late July of '09. I had a LOT more than that, but right now they're missing. The annoyance of missing THREE month's messages overcomes my being able to enjoy the newness of 2.0.
So, I'm back using 1.1.18 instead...

keith whaley
mid-'07 iMac
OS 10.6.1

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