On 20 okt, 09:12, WIFT <w...@wrapuch.net> wrote:
> Dne 17.10.2009 3:46, Russell napsal(a):
> > As an open source initiative I would wonder why anyone would want to remove
> > choices and force an 'all or nothing' approach? That's more typical of 
> > companies
> > like A$$ple, Micro$$oft and Ado$$e who use that to lock users into usingonly
> > their product and make themselves wealthier as a result. It would be sad if 
> > the
> > final release of SM 2.0 did not offer the same tradition of choice as in the
> > past.
> Exactly my words, thak you Russell for saying that, now I see I'm not
> theonlyone with that opinion.
> it is like the inability to remove radio from my car
> and when I want to use another,... but the inability _not to use_ the 
> internal mail client
> drives me crazy and makes me more like leaving SM at all. ....even when I set
> another mail client as default, mailto links in SM (2 RC2) still
> launches mail wizard from SM. Sad.
> Anyway, many thanks to all developers of SM for the big work that has
> been done on SM 2.0.
> (w)

I also would love to keep using Thunderbird. though in "Program
installation" It is impossible to change to Thunderbird or an other
mail client as default.
The Seamonkey is more handy + quicker then Firefox, so I would have
liked to keep using Seamonkey.
I look forward to a possibility to install the Browser on its own
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