Arnie Goetchius wrote:

The NY Times article of 9/19/2016 titled:

"Adblock Plus, Created to Protect Users From Ads, Instead Opens the Door"

states that "In 2011, Adblock Plus was altered and became a tool that,
instead of blocking bad ads, allowed ads it deemed 'acceptable' to be
seen, often for a price -- a controversial move that has positioned it
as a gatekeeper between advertisers and its huge user base."

So is there an alternative to Adblock Plus?

Probably, but you don't have to view "acceptable ads."

Do Ctrl-Shift-E, or click the ABP icon (stop sign) in the lower right corner of your browser and choose "Filter preferences..."

On the "Filter preferences" tab, uncheck the option, "Allow some non-intrusive advertising" at the lower left.

The same option is available on your Android phone: open ABP and uncheck the box, "Acceptable Ads" (the default is to allow them).

In both cases, the setting is "sticky" -- it survives a reboot of the program or the system, and in my experience it has also survived upgrades.

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