Paul B. Gallagher wrote:
David E. Ross wrote:

On 9/19/2016 8:39 PM, Paul B. Gallagher wrote:
Once a year, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation sends me a
vehicle registration renewal notice, inviting me to visit their website
<> to perform the process quickly and easily. And
once a year I try and fail because my "The service you have selected
uses non-persistent cookies. Your browser is not currently set up to
allow non-persistent cookies." This is a lie.

My cookie settings allow first-party cookies and reject third-party
cookies, and clear all cache, history, and cookies at the end of a
SeaMonkey session. I also have InternetExploiter 11, with exactly the
same settings, and the site works. I've confirmed that both browsers are
accepting cookies.

On examining the cookies set in IE 11, I see one that I don't recognize
from SM's Cookie Manager. It's called "cookie:paul b.
gallagher@localhost/" (this is the filename). If I delete it from
...\Windows\Temporary Files\ and try to proceed, the site immediately
sets it again and continues as if nothing had happened.

I've tried to contact PennDOT, but their system is designed to prevent
any contact with their webmaster, so no luck there.

Any bright ideas? Could the two browsers have a different definition of
"third party"? Is there a way to set SM to accept this weird cookie?

In your SeaMonkey profile with SeaMonkey NOT running, mark the profile
of the file cookies.sqlite as "read only".  When you then launch
SeaMonkey, set your preferences to allow all cookies.  As soon as you
are done at the PennDOT Web site, the site will think you are allowing
all cookies and that it has written persistant cookies to your hard
drive.  NO cookies will actually be written.  If you are concerned about
having those cookies in SeaMonkey's memory while you surf elsewhere,
terminate and then re-launch SeaMonkey.

I tried to follow your confusing instructions as best I could, and they didn't 

I did terminate SeaMonkey and set cookies.sqlite to read-only.

I did relaunch SeaMonkey and set my cookie preferences to "Allow all cookies" and 
cookies normally."

I did clear private data, which in my settings includes cookies and cache, but 
cookies.sqlite is read-only, that could only affect memory, which should be 
clear anyway
after a program restart.

I then visited the DMV site, and the moment I tried to visit the vehicle 
registration page
it threw the same error, complaining that it couldn't set nonpersistent cookies.

Why you think it wants to set persistent cookies I don't know; that's the 
opposite of what
it said. And I never got to the point of being "done at the PennDOT website," 
since it
refused to do anything without its precious cookie.

Any other ideas?

Scripts on?  Flash on?  Ad blocker off?
I can't renew of course but I can get to the page that wants title, etc, info.
Had to allow SM to send me to another page:
(Normally I have that function blocked.)

4 cookies from and 2 from

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My 2006 Kia runs $70 here in Texas.

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