On 9/19/2016 5:33 AM, WaltS48 wrote:
On 9/19/2016 7:34 AM, Desiree wrote:
SeaMonkey 2.40 on Windows 8.0 Pro is minimizing EVERY tab SEPARATELY
to the task bar.  When I go to click on the icon on the task bar to
bring up SeaMonkey I see a long list on the screen of ALL tabs and I
cannot just click on the icon and bring up SeaMonkey.  I have to
CHOOSE a specific tab in the list and bring up that tab and then the
others are brought up with it.

This isn't SeaMonkey doing what Mozilla is starting to do with
electrolysis on Fx is it?  I ask because EVERY TAB IS LISTED now for
SeaMonkey in Task Manager.  It is making a huge mess of Task Manager.
I don't plan on installing whatever version of Fx forces electrolysis
and I don't want it on SeaMonkey either!

This is NOT happening on my default SeaMonkey profile but on one I
don't use often and have few extensions on.  So, is there a setting
that I have forgotten about in about:config that I need to set to stop
it doing this?

Just found out on IRC that this is a SeaMonkey feature, so your default
profile is broken. ;-)

When did it become a feature? I checked the default profile and it was user set to "false". I don't recall setting it that way but then my memory is not what it was when I was younger and the default profile is OLD...very old so if this is an older "feature" I wouldn't likely remember changing the preference.

My default profile is "broken" in another way though. It won't play TWCTV on demand TV shows which uses Flash Player. Fx 45.3 ESR won't either on its very old default profile. So, I created the newer SeaMonkey profile mainly to get that working which it does just fine.

Changing the preference also fixed Task Manager so it no longer lists every tab but just the one that has focus.
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