On 9/20/2016 5:47 AM, Chris Ilias wrote:
> On 20/09/2016 2:53 AM, Desiree wrote:
>> When did it become a feature?
> Assuming we're talking about the tabs preview feature 
> (browser.taskbar.previews.enable), it was implemented in SeaMonkey 1.1 
> (Jan 2007).

Perhaps she is talking about 'Implement optional taskbar preview-per-tab':
 SeaMonkey 2.1:
"Features in Beta 1
    Implement optional taskbar preview-per-tab (pref:
browser.taskbar.previews.enable) (Bug 839891).

While that says "optional", I can't find any button/toggle to turn it on
or off in the UI. Mine was toggled to 'False', but that could have been
due to 'fixing' something in some of the other related bugs mentioned in
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