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WaltS48 wrote:

Had no trouble using Firefox, now let me try SeaMonkey. SeaMonkey also

Under Tools > Cookie Manager I have "Use Default Cookie Permissions"

Looking at "Manage Stored Cookies" I see 2 domains "" and
"". The "" domain has a PenndotTestCookie stored.

I don't see any cookies with my name, but have 5 from and 2 from

OK, that led me to the solution!

Looking in the old-style Cookie Manager
<chrome://communicator/content/permissions/cookieViewer.xul>, I
discovered that the site
<> was listed as "site cannot set cookies." When I deleted
the listing so it
reverted to the default permissions (first-party session cookies
only), the site suddenly
started working.

In principle, this shouldn't have helped since <> is
distinct from
<> and should count as a third-party site, but whatever.

Thanks a lot!

Click here first then click the online reg. prompt:

That was the page I could never get to until I solved the problem, so telling me to go there would have been unhelpful. Thanks anyway.

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