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Stephan Thiele wrote:
Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I don't really understand why
there still is no Seamonkey update after the 2.40 release in March,
almost half a year ago.
I am quite confused that there a nightlies with version numbers
increasing to 2.48 while there is not even a beta.
Seamonkey is my default browser and mail and news program, so I don't
like to take any risk of losing my data and mails by using a buggy
nightly. On the other hand, I see a lot of security updates of Firefox
and Thunderbird which have been published in the meantime and therefore
I'm concerned about unfixed vulnerabilities in Seamonkey.

Any hope?

I'm a dedicated PeppermintOS Linux user... Anyone else find a newer
than 2.40 that works well on Linux Mint based distributions?


There isn't any newer official release.

unofficial or nightlies are fine... i see folks mentioning newer build numbers...

just checking in...

good ol'tagzilla
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