David E. Ross wrote:
On 10/2/2016 12:45 PM, sean wrote:
Richard Alan wrote on 10/01/2016 04:02 PM:
sean wrote:

Richard Alan wrote on 10/01/2016 02:02 PM:
sean wrote:
i just sent out an apology e'mail addressed BCC to myself and two
others... it apprived in my inbox with all three BCCed e'mail
addresses switched from BCC: to TO:

Read the source header of the received message to confirm they are
and it is not the fault of your theme. Also, specifically ask your
recipients how *they* see it.

they see it as a long list of TO:
while the e'mail i sent out has a long list of BCC:

Again, how about you in your received copy's _source_.

How are you separating the addresses in your Compose window? Manually on
one line, or separate clicks from an Address Book?

FWIW, this does not happen in the new profile with no addons...

Oh. Well then, which addon is causing it?  :-)   Might be your address

having trouble locating it, it was under discussion recently by David
Ross because he didn't like the rounded apple-esque scroll bars, nor the
fact that the themes had a separate download for those scroll bars...
metal in the name, a dark and light version... not turning up in my
search of the theme addons...

guessing David didn't receive my BCC: from this thread as they'd be
screen out as spam...

I have to assume you mean a different David Ross since I do not recall
ever commenting about scroll bars.

the same problem does not occur when I use my cox or gmail smtp servers... so am in the process of closing out the live.com accounts as Microsoft seems to be making a mess of their e'mail transition into the Office365 environment... which I will never use since I run Linux.
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