I am not sure where this version comes from. A previous post indicate that its just Adrians version without credits given. Whatever. Do not use it or file bugs against it.

You can get the unoffical versions from:


Bugs against these ones are accepted.


EE wrote:
Mr. Ed wrote:
On 11/28/16 10:15 AM, Ed Mullen wrote:
I'm running SM 2.46 on the "default update channel."

I go to <http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/seamonkey/> and look in releases and even nightlies and can't find the Windows install file for 2.46. Any thoughts?

Running 64 bit version - Check it here:
Now it is up to 2.47 - been using it for a while and so far, so good.

Except for the eyedropper in the developer tools.  That no longer works.

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