My apps, data and mail have been in different trees since Netscape. I have copied those trees often. I have always used a file manager which makes the task trivial, but also makes it easy to not be aware of the content of what is being copied.

I was just doing some file maintenance, and checked some directory sizes. They are listed below - sorry the tabs shift a bit in transmittal. I have not dug deeply but here are a couple highlights.

In SM primary, calendar extension has 46 files and I am not even aware of using a calendar. Something called storage has 35 files, mostly in sub-directories with names which are derivatives of domains I recently visited. Is the profile now a browser cache - in addition to the "cache" blivet, which I have in a data tree separate from the profiles?

The data related to SM seems to have grown a lot when I wasn't looking. The only things I have added to SM are Saved Passwords, Check Places and Theme Font Size. At some point SM acquired Add Block, I don't know when or how.

Are we that much better off now than with earlier versions?


Profile         Folder/Sub-directory count      File count
SM primary      64                              344
SM do not       32                              327
get mail
FF              57                              159
Pale Moon       17                              81
Fossa Mail      28                              170
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