WaltS48 wrote:
On 8/11/17 2:31 PM, Ray Davison wrote:
I had Ctrl D set to open to a list of bookmark folders rather than
just headers.  It got reset to default - takes an extra button to see
folders - and I can't find the switch.  Where is it?


Um, maybe removed in your SeaMonkey 2.50.

I had intended to be in 2.48, which I now am.  No change.

The default used to be tree open. At some point it changed to tree closed, but someone posted how to set a switch to tree open. And so I did, but now I have lost it.

Haven't heard of that key combination to open a set of bookmarks. In
Firefox it is used to bookmark a page.

Same in SM. But you need to open the bookmark tree to place it in the desired folder.


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