David Guymer wrote:
David Guymer wrote:
Lemuel Johnson wrote:
On 8/3/2017 2:59 AM, David Guymer wrote:
Previously I had a problem with KTS blocking all traffic
because of security certificates.

Someone here gave me a solution that worked involving importing
a certificate from KTS.

Now I need the answer againg.

Thanks in advance.

David Guymer

That was probably me.


Lem Johnson

This does not work for KTS 18. The folder of Kasperky
AntiVirus/Data does not exist.

David Guymer

Since no one seems to know where the Kaspersky Total Security 18
certificate is it looks like I have to say goodbye to Seamonkey.

FWIW, the page linked by Lemuel Johnson contains only three instances of the word "data," none of them in the phrase "Kasperky AntiVirus/Data." So I never understood why you were looking for that.

It does say:

When Kaspersky self-updates it doesn't reinstall its security

In SeaMonkey Preferences please go to Privacy & Security ->
Certificates -> Manage Certificates. Click the Authorities tab.
There import (this is my Win 7 path, your path may be different):
C:\Program Data\Kaspersky Lab\AVP17.0.0\Data\Cert\(fake)Kaspersky
Anti-Virus Personal Root Certificate.cer

Did you actually read that page and follow the instructions?

None of the above constitutes an endorsement of KAV; I have no personal knowledge of or experience with it. I just think it's strange you're blaming SM for this.

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