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If the new PC is blank or the old installation does not be preserved I am usually using zip -r -S with the whole mozilla dir in roaming. If SeaMonkey has already been installed just delete the complete roaming\mozilla dir on the new pc before unpacking. Same with roaming\Thunderbird.


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I had to give up on my on my old laptop (Lenovo piece of ...) and got a new one.  I want to move all my newsgroup files to the new machine. Oddly enough when I search on doing this I find info on moving Thunderbird.  They say to use Mozbackup.  Will that work with Seamonkey?

Otherwise they talk about copying the profile folder contents. Should that work ok with Seamonkey?


I should copy what's inside this directory:"

Or you copy

note "tit-p" is my user-account-name.

In addition to "tit-p" isn't "ey8r9gln"  user unique?
Yes, that's correct.Except that's not user unique but the default "profile-unique" You should copy after or 2 levels before because this strange string is present in the text of the profiles.ini file located in the SeaMonkey directory
like this:  Path=Profiles/ey8r9gln.default

Thank you.  I am surprized that this sort of backup of profile tool is not in the suite.
Remenber to do those kind of copy when SM is not running.
You may write a batch file to do the copy.
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