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I hate Windows 7 !
I knew XP quite well, but Windows 7 is a ^#$@#^%$$  &^%&$$#O^E !

I try to search for a file on my hard drive(s) and use that window on the Upper Right Side
of Windows Explorer (is that still the name of it?)

I type in something - like *.spag*.*   --- looking for an old recipe for spaghetti in an old WORD file.   I use the wildcard (*) because I don't remember the exact NAME i saved it under years ago. I press enter and I get an IMMEDIATE "No Items To Match Your Search" - IMMEDIATE. I know it didn't search squat - I am looking thru an ENTIRE USB drive of one terabyte capacity ! Once in a blue moon, I can see the blue bar progress from left to right at the top - it is searching !  But 99% of the time, it responds INSTANTLY - no search was really done.

HOW do I get this $&@%# program to actually DO a search for a file ?


Try just *spag* instead. Make sure you have the correct drive selected in Windows Explorer (yes, that's what it's called).

Oops! That should read AsteriskspagAsterisk. Just in case your SM transforms that into bold and doesn't show the asterisks.

Ed Mullen
"Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do." - Isaac Asimov

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