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On 3/12/2018 at 9:03 AM, Daniel created this epitome of digital genius:
I'm trying to combine two Bookmarks folders to ensure I have a single listing of all the websites whos content I have been interested in over the years.

I've added the second bookmarks file to the first bookmarks file which has given me a listing with lots of doubled up sub-directories, e.g. two "General" directories, two "Financial" directories, two "Mozilla" directories, etc., etc..

If I, now, export the file as a HTML file (Tools->Export HTML...) would I then be able to edit that file in LibreOffice, or some such, delete all the twins, combine what's left and the import it back into SeaMonkey (Tools->Import HTML ..).

If not, could someone offer another suggestion?


Why not just edit it in SeaMonkey's bookmarks manager?

I started doing that, Ed, but there are lots and lots of sub-folders with lots of locations/websites in each. Probable 300 in original folder and similar in the other!

Don't I remember some add-on that would go through the Bookmarks folder and indicate any double-ups?? Maybe that's what EE is about to tell me!! Nope, so still looking!

Google is your friend?


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