EE wrote on 14/03/18 05:40:
Daniel wrote:
Don't I remember some add-on that would go through the Bookmarks folder and indicate any double-ups?? Maybe that's what EE is about to tell me!! Nope, so still looking!

CheckPlaces was able to do that, but the last time I tried it with SeaMonkey it was slow as molasses.  Funny thing, it works fine with Pale Moon.  If you want to try it, it is here:,-SortPlaces-...-preserving-these-and-other-excellent-Firefox-add-ons.html
Thank you, EE, worth a try!

Hmm, reading the descriptions of add-ons on that page, it seems "Sortplaces" might do what I want!!

Now to run it through the Firefox to SeaMonkey converter!! (Maybe!!)


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