Cecil Bankston wrote:
Some of the commercial, non-spam messages I receive do not display their included images.  I have preferences set to show all images, and the block images box is not checked.  An example of this is messages I receive from this address:  A "View it in your browser" link in one of these messages points to this page: The images on that page do not display in my SeaMonkey browser but do appear in Microsoft Edge.  I use NoScript, but it is not blocking any scripts on that page.

Is some other setting required to allow display of the images in these messages?

This seems to be triggered by SeaMonkey's tracking protection:
   Edit > Preferences > Privacy and Security
   Un-tick "Prevent tracking activities by known sites"

This is probably triggered because the image URLs are of the form, for example, <>. The long strings seemingly random characters can be (and probably are) used by to detect who has opened the emails. By using different random strings in each copy of the email, they know that when that particular URL is loaded you must have opened the email. Not that that necessarily concerns you, but that's probably why SeaMonkey is blocking the images.

Note that in "Private Browsing" mode, it appear tracking protection is always active regardless of the above preference.

Thank you.  Your suggestion fixed the problem.  Images now load normally.

C. Bankston
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