Bob Fleischer wrote:

I often send text messages containing a URL in plain text.

If I send the message in plain text from Seamonkey, it is recognized by a recipient Seamonkey as a clickable link and displayed as such.

If I send the message in plain text from another mail program (in this case, Samsung's Android Email app), the plain text URL is not recognized nor displayed as a link.

Looking at the message source, the only difference I can see is that the plain text from Seamonkey is sent as 7-bit plain text, whereas the plain text from the app is encoded in base64.

Curiously, Samsung's app, when viewing such a message, does recognize the URL as a link.

Why is that, and can I change Seamonkey to recognize the URL in that case?

I have a similar experience with one listserv, which automatically converts all messages to HTML but does not recognize and mark URLs as links. If I post in HTML and make my own links, that works, though.

It's the sending app's fault, not ours.

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