On 4/16/2018 4:43 AM, Tom Pamin wrote:
Daniel wrote:
Paul in Houston, TX wrote on 16/04/18 04:39:
Tom Pamin wrote:
Why do I get an "Access To Website Blocked" message for this site:

Good question.  There is not much in the source.
However, if you use www.hayneedleinc.com it works.
My guess is that the website itself redirects to hayneedleinc but it
does not work with
my versions SM or FS.  It does work with IE11.

Clicking either link works for me. The second link gives a "This page is
only partially encrypted .... " type warning!

Hayneedleinc.com seems to give a company page, not the home page for consumers that lists it's products.

Hayneedle.com works for me.

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