Marc and Donna Furon wrote:
Hello!  I have looked on-line for an answer to this question but
haven't been able to come up with anything yet.

I have two accounts in Seamonkey Mail.  Messages are listed in
chronological order, oldest to newest.  When I open one account the
message list appears at the bottom, and when I click "Get Msgs", the
new messages appear.  This is the behavior I want.

However, for the other account, the message list always stays at the
top (oldest messages).  I can scroll to the bottom, of course, but
when I click "Get Msgs" the messages are fetched but they do not
appear in the message list.  If I visit the other account, then
switch back, the recently fetched messages are there.

I have not found any settings that control this behavior.

How can I get both accounts to be processed in the desired manner?

Suggestions welcome.

                                                  Marc Furon

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