On 1/12/2020 12:05 PM, David E. Ross wrote:
> In one of my profiles, I have no passwords set and I never established a
> master password.  One of the Web sites that I visit frequently now
> requires me to login.  No, it is not a financial site or any site where
> I am concerned about personal information.
> The checkbox for "Remember passwords" is checked, but I cannot get
> SeaMonkey to remember my password for that site.
> I cannot establish a master password for that profile.  When I try, I
> see that there is no existing master password; "Current password" is
> "(not set)".  The Security Device selection is so reduced in width that
> I cannot see what it says.  When I input a new master password (yes,
> twice), I get an error popup that says "Unable to change Master Password".
> In all other aspects, this profile appears to be quite okay.
It turned out that the profile was corrupted to cause additional
problems.  I restored the profile from a backup, but these two problems

In my profile, what file (or files) might be corrupted to cause these
two problems?  Would I be able to replace those files from a profile
that does not appear corrupted?

Or is the problem something in the SeaMonkey root?  If so, what file (or
files) should I try to restore from a backup?

David E. Ross

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