I'd thought my earlier problem was due to a collsion between two versions of 
the Java classes, resulting from a software install gone bad.  But now I've 
WIPED my hard drive, re-installed everything, and fproxy actually got worse! 
  Now it won't even bring up the intro page.  It hangs the browser on that.

Since nobody here responded to my earlier complaint, I'll have to assume 
nobody's got any ideas.  But I post just to let you know where things stand. 
  I'll have to debug this thing myself, if I can ever scrape together enough 
spare time.

Oh, and here's a gripe related to the above: don't y'all think this project 
is too big for just one log file?  If I turn the logging down low, I don't 
get the info I need. If I turn it on high, I have so much crap to wade 
through it'd be quicker to just step through the code with a debugger.  At 
least give the servlets their own log files.  I mean, come on.

Please don't flame the newbie.

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