Am 26.11.2002 00:23:30, schrieb Todd Walton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

>I've just fresh installed the latest build.  Is there a way to take the 
>datastore from my old node, and give it to my new node?  I tried copying 
>over store_XXXXX, but that didn't seem to work.  Edition based sites that I 

In Freenet0.4 with the encrypted datastore the node used "node_*" to access
and to decrypt the datastore.

I don't know if every node in Freenet0.5 uses the DS in the same way.
Perhaps you can only use your existing datastore with a node on the SAME
FNP port and with the specific "node_*" file??
In this case you can feed your new node with the routing files from the
old one (to keep your good references to other Freenet nodes).
It's in the "lsnodes_*" and "rtprops_*".
(every "*" in my answer means the FNP port number)

>could always access before are now DNF.  I know they're in the old 
>datastore.  Any ideas?
>Thank you.


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