Hi! Thanks for replying!

> 1. Forget the debian package. I have tried all of them since 0.4.0 and
> none ever really ran :(

That's sad. Maybe filing a few bugreports would help. I'll try to do that.

> 2. Get Sun's JRE 1.4.1, extract it to /usr/local and adapt
> /etc/alternatives/java to point to the java executable in
> /usr/local/jre1.4.1; analoguely do the same with the java-plugins, if
> you need them.

Any particular reason I should need plugins? (I'm a freenet newbie.)

> JRE1.4.1 is not included in Debian, because its not free,
> but it's running perfectly on Debian.

There's not even an installer?

> 3. If you had freenet installed via apt-get you should already have a
> user "freenetu".

I do.

> You should chown the freenet stuff to freenetu and run
> the start shells by 'su freenetu' and ./start-freenet.sh or you can
> build  a start script in /etc/init.d.

Now this is why I really *tried* to make the .deb work; I get a /etc/init.d script for 
free. Maybe I can use the one in the deb...

> If you are really paranoid you can also build a chroot environment for
> the local JRE and the freenet jars.

I'm not. :)



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