Hi Free Netters,

I just joined this list, so if the issue has been discussed
before please point me to the right location. Search of the
archive did not give me the required results.

I tend to believe that information in freenet is available
which I can not find reliably. While I can not prove that,
the behaviour in extracting information seems to indicate
it. Sometimes information drops in after repeating requests
for days. I am running a permanent node with a large data-
store, so I should have good prerequisites regarding rou-

What I found in the freenet configuration file is the
entry maxHopsToLive, which seems to have a default value
of 25 and is described to limit the HTL value of requests
passing a node. If this limit is active it would mean that
using a HTL value beyond that limit will be of no help,
since most likely the majority of users do not change that
default and the HTL will be limited at the first node the
request hits. Is that assumption correct?

I do not really understand why this value is introduced
and used. There is the risk that information available
can not be found, right? And I understand that circular
requests are terminated anyhow, right?

Please enlighten me, whether my assumptions are comple-
tely wrong, whether they are right but default is enough
to search a whole universe full of freenet nodes or whe-
ther the default should be changed. Are there other means
to increase the probability to find information in freenet?

Best regards,


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